Tips for employers

If you post a job online, you will of course want to find the best candidate for your job. Employers look in the search for new employees mainly if the candidate meets the requirements of the specific open job, while the applicant assesses the employer in question based on some softer components. Due to this big difference in assessment, it may unfortunately be a mismatch between employer and employee. Do you want to prevent this? Then read some tips for preventing a mismatch between employers and employees on this page.

The underlying reason for a mismatch

The fact that there is often a laborious recruitment of the right employees is a fact. Employers often deny this development to the fact that there are too few people responding to jobs or that few people respond that actually fit the profile of the job. Applicants, on the other hand, are not doing this much at all. They consider it important that the job's salary is good (65 percent), the work environment is good (51 percent), the content of the job is interesting (50 percent) and that the job also includes a challenge (40 percent ). Due to the differences in employers' demands and the demands of employees, there is often a mismatch when filling in a job. Do you want to avoid this? Then read some tips to prevent a mismatch in the text below. The tips in the text below apply both to employers who offer a job and to job-seekers who respond to a job.

Tips for employers:
  1. If you ask for references, not only references to previous employers are important. Do you really want a clear picture of a candidate? Ask for references to acquaintances, ex-fellow students or friends of the applicant.
  2. View the social media accounts of applicants. For example, by viewing Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, you get a clearer picture of an applicant.
  3. At any point in the application process, hold a conversation at the location chosen by the candidate.
Tips for job applicants:
  1. Do not only view social media pages from employers, but also try to discover how the company is talking about through social media networks.
  2. Would you like to experience the culture of a company? Ask if you can join the company for a day to find out if the business culture fits you.
  3. Do you have to wait in the company's reception? Do not sit niksen, but observe how the employees interact with each other to get a clear picture of the atmosphere in the workplace.
  4. Ask if it's possible to have lunch with future colleagues.