If you are fired by your employer or you resign yourself, there are some things you should always keep in mind when dismissing. For example, as an ex-employee, you have specific duties to your employer, but of course you also have rights if you are dealing with a resignation. What duties and rights you have exactly is in any case different. The most important duties and rights on resignation are listed on this page.

First of all, in most cases, you have to have a notice period that you have to complete. Not every employer lets you finish a notice period, but there are many employers who want you to work after the resignation. The duration of the notice period depends on, among other things, your seniority, your salary and the fact that you were fired or resigned. During the notice period, you may, under certain conditions, have the right to apply for a job.

In addition, you have an immediate dismissal with a severance pay. The amount of your compensation depends on various factors. Here you can think of the gross annual salary, but also the number of years you worked in the particular company.

If you are over 45 years old or have a notice period of 30 weeks or more, you are entitled to a so-called outplacement counseling. This is a specific form of guidance that is used to find a job that suits you.

Many people think that it is not possible to resign if you are fired by your employer, but this is not true. If you have been fired and have found a new job in the meantime, you can start this job faster by submitting a resignation. If you do this, the notice period for your old employer will be shorter. In some cases, the submission of an extra discharge is definitely a must.

Finally, there is still the unemployment allowance that you receive if your notice period has expired. In addition, you only get unemployment benefits if you want to be unemployed. To find out if you are entitled to unemployment benefits, you can contact the National Employment Service.

Give yourself time to keep up with the blow

A dismissal can be a big emotional blow and certainly if you have been employed by the same employer for a long time. Do you also have a dismissal? Then take the time to process this dismissal and learn from the experience to become better professional and human.


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